Income-Oriented Investment Strategies

Criterion Holdings, LLC was founded to serve the interests of family offices and qualified individual investors in gaining access to real estate investment opportunities on the same general terms as larger institutional equity partners. Partnering with best-in-class local operating partners, whose execution advantage takes the form of either specialized operating expertise (student housing, senior housing, value-add multifamily) or local knowledge (commercial income property), Criterion brings decades of experience, sponsor co-investment capital, and extensive institutional capital relationships to the investment process.

Student Housing

Purpose-built student housing, leased “by the bed”, provides a highly attractive multifamily investment option, generally at higher rates of return than market rate rental apartments of comparable quality and at somewhat lower volatility due to the favorable demand characteristics of the property type. Read More….

Value Add Multifamily

“Value-Add” (market rate) multifamily investments provide for enhanced total returns as a result of capital improvement-driven increases to net operating income.
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Commercial Income Property

Commercial Income Properties are generally pursued only in those instances where the existing property offers either the potential for appreciation through tenant credit up-trend (and resulting cap rate compression), or a “covered land play” providing attractive levels of current cash flow as part of a longer term repositioning or redevelopment strategy.

Historic Renovation and Adaptive Re-Use

This strategy is currently limited to the Washington, DC submarket where existing rent control laws and a significant supply of older, unrenovated properties combine to create the opportunity for two distinct, highly-differentiated multifamily investment strategies. Read More….

Senior Living

Our Senior Living strategy is focused on those communities offering a “continuum of care”, incorporating independent living (IL), assisted living (AL), and memory care (MC) in a single location so that residents and their families may enjoy the comfort of knowing that aging in place is possible. Read More….

Platform Partners

FD Fund Administration offers robust outsourced administration services that provide operational and governance best practices with expertise in the real estate industry.
USI is a leader in insurance brokerage and consulting. With more than 4,400 dedicated, experienced and innovative professionals in more than 140 offices across the United States, we have a team of professionals nearby ready to serve you.